Silica supplements are now widely available, but knowing how much to take can be confusing. 

The amount of silica you need depends on the concentration and bioavailability of the source, studies typically use doses of 5-50mg of silica per day, however, since Living SILICA®  has the highest bioavailability, you do not have to worry about taking large amounts of it. 

In general, taking a tablespoon of 15 mL a day has shown to be effective providing a broad spectrum of benefits. Dosage also depends on the issue you’re trying to improve and its severity and this is why we differentiate two types of dosing.

How Often Should You Take Silica?

There are two standard ways of using silica
that can be adjusted to each specific case:


The maintenance intake is based on providing an amount of silica that will be able to compensate for the potential silica deficiency in your current diet. People who don’t get enough silica from their diet should take the maintenance amount.

The maintenance dose is 15 mL, to be taken 15 minutes before a meal holding the product for a minute or two under the tongue to improve the absorption.


This is the recommended dosage for individuals wanting to see faster results or taking silica for a first time. The intensive shooting dosage includes 30 mL to 60 mL of Living SILICA® per day depending on your goals (i.e. beauty, joint or bone health).

The dosage should be divided into two shots, for example, two 15 mL shots, to be taken 15 minutes before a meal.

How Can I Adapt to a Particular Dosage?


The most appropriate time of day to take silica is before meals, specifically 15 minutes before a meal or on an empty stomach. In addition, the shots should be divided throughout the day for maximum assimilation.

Living Silica® RESULTS

The first affects you may notice upon consuming Living SILICA® daily, is in your hair, skin, & nails within the first 2-3 months of daily silica supplement consumption. You’ll start to notice highly improved mobility, comfort and ease joint & muscle movement within 3-4+ months of daily consumption.   

Repair & Recover Protocol:

Start your LIVING SILICA®  experience with the kit containing 4 x 1000 m bottles and a LIVING SILICA®  Gel for the external application. 

 This will be enough for you to notice the benefits of our products.

USING Living Silica® GEL

Gel application is highly recommended in specific areas. 

To use silica gel, apply a thin layer of the product and wait for 5 minutes without touching the affected region. After 5 minutes, massage the affected region to ensure complete gel penetration. You can repeat this procedure as many times as necessary.

It helps to apply the gel wrapped in transparent film in the affected region throughout the night as it significantly multiplies the efficacy of the product. 

Silica & Contraindications / Side Effects:

Silica is generally safe to use in infants, children, and adolescents. For children and infants, dosage should be proportional to their weight. It’s also safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding. It is recommended you do always consult a medical professional or your primary care doctor before starting a new vitamin, herb or supplement. 

 Silica presents a high degree of tolerance as it’s essentially a dietary supplement that provides a bioavailable form of silicon for the body. There are no side effects attached to the product, even after use for several consecutive years.  

Silica does not affect metal dental pieces of prostheses. Its acute oral toxicity was tested and it was determined that the complete absence of toxicity makes it absolutely safe for human use.

Studies also show that organic silica does not have any inhibiting or enhancing effect on other drugs or supplements when taken simultaneously for different health conditions. Therefore, it is completely compatible with other medications and dietary supplements. However, it is recommended that you don’t have both at the same time as this could alter the efficacy of organic silica. You can take the silica one hour before or after taking the medicine or dietary supplement.

**This information is not all-inclusive and is not meant to replace the diagnosis, advice, treatment, & judgement of medical or legal professionals. The statements and products referenced in this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results will vary. The information in this site is intended as a source of refetrence materials and scientific data for educational purposes only. If you have any diagnosed medical condition, we recommend you consult your individual health care provider with specific questions before using any new dietary supplement.

PhD. LoÏc Le Ribault. The study of orgono silica compounds in human health. 2002.

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